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"You guys are such caring and fantastic teachers and run such an amazing dance school. Its the highlight of her week as she suffers from anxiety but its has helped so much with her confidence and self esteem so thanks a mil" - Kate C

"My daughter, just a year ago was a very reserved young girl who would completely ignore anyone that said hello to her. Didn't like going to school, didn't want to get back in to her ballet because she was 'too shy' her words and she also had a bad run at a ballet studio that was more fun than technique.

You have both given her the confidence in her ballet again, you've given her passion back and you've enabled her to really shine and come out as a confident young lady and so I really want to thank you both for the amazing work and love, passion and fun that you put into dance. Without you both her passion would not have relit so thank you very very much!" - Sarah C

"We have been amazed at S..’s confidence this year and that is down to your continued belief in her. When we went for our Santa photos the photographer even commented on S..’s amazing posture and poise". - Shelley J

"My daughter has been talking about ballet often and how much she has enjoyed last week at your Ballet Academy. She is really happy again about dancing. She started her last Ballet school just before she turned 4 and we really didn't want to leave but this is the best thing we've done. She is back chatting about the girls and what dances they are learning. It's nice she's having positive experiences in many ways at your Academy. It's important to keep these older girls dancing." - S.M

"L is having the best time at Jazz...she is coming home absolutely fizzing!" - Kate D