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An invoice will be given out four weeks before the start of each term (except Term One), payment is required on or before the first day of each Term .

All payments are to be enclosed in an envelope, with student’s name, grade and tuition fees written on the outside. This is to ensure that the correct account is credited. Payments may be direct credited, please include invoice number and name of student. Bank account details are at the bottom of each invoice.


There are additional fees for exams, costume hire, private lessons and productions, all optional. Term fees cover an eight week course and are set around the primary school terms. This covers any cancellation due to public holidays, sickness, masterclasses or exams; cancellations are rare however the fees will cover this eventuality. PLEASE NOTE: If your child wishes to leave, this must be put into writing by the end of the previous term, otherwise a 50% term fee will be charged. If a child does not complete a term for any reason, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged to cover administration costs. This does not apply if a student attends only two lessons and decides not to continue.


The Ballet Academy hires Debt Collection Agencies for any unpaid fees. The cost of this agency is added to the amount unpaid. Debt collection is hired after 4 weeks of non payment on fees. 10% will be added on after due date of fees.


Enrolments are taken throughout the year and require the submission of an online enrolment form. Please do your best to ensure your details are kept up to date as contact details are needed for newsletters, accounts, communication and emergencies.


This is held onto by the tutor and given back to the student (if named) the following week. All unnamed items will be in the Waiting Room at the Ballet Academy Studio. Any items not claimed by the end of term are donated to charity.


Parents are more than welcome to view their child's first lesson. Don't forget your camera for those important photo opportunities.

Our classes are able to viewed on the last lesson of Term One, Two and Four. The students and tutors like to keep their performances a surprise for the Annual Show, so we use even the last lesson of Term Three to prepare.

Having a student orientated class increases the student’s self esteem, self discipline and attention span; they are motivating themselves for themselves. The student learns to set goals, achieve those goals and perform those goals once a term to their parents. And finally the parents get to see a more elevated progress each term.

Please do not bring siblings that will be easily bored by the class viewing. People, especially siblings, going in and out of the studio is incredibly distracting for both the students and teacher. It is very unfair to expect a class of little dancers to be able to remember their steps when people are talking or moving about. Please respect them.


Please do your best to ensure your child attends class on time, as you can understand, students arriving late can disrupt the other student’s concentration, especially for three to five year olds. If your child can not attend class for any reason, please text the cellular phone number of the Director (who will pass it on to the appropriate teacher), so they do not worry unduly. Likewise, please do your best to collect your child on time; never assume that there is a class afterwards. Sometimes the tutor will have other appointments or meetings to get to and late pick ups can make this very difficult. Occasionally classes can run over time and if this happens please understand that it is for the children’s benefit. If you do have to rush away however just pop your head in and let us know.


All students require a notebook . Stickers are given out at the end of each completed class to Ballet Test Three and below or Jazz Test Three and below. Please name the front of the stickerbook.


These are a very special part of our Junior students dancing achievements and we are very proud to give them such a beautiful gift.

When a new student arrives they are listed on that Term so on the anniversary of that term they receive their special Tiara and Certificate.

For Example if they start in Term Two 2017, they will receive it on parent watching day in Term Two 2018. If they start in Term Three or Four 2017, they will receive it on parent watching day in Term Four 2018 (as there is no parent watching due to the Annual Show in Term Three). If they start in Term One 2017 they will receive it on parent watching day in Term One 2018.

As students start their tuition with us during different the terms, there will be some students that receive their tiaras in a term and others will receive theirs in an alternate term. We expect Parents to explain to their children that it is the other child's special anniversary and that theirs is to come later. The Ballet Academy feels it is important even at a young age to celebrate other students achievements, this gives a sense of belonging to a team environment.

If a child leaves the school before their anniversary term, we do not give out a Tiara as this would take away from the students who have danced all the way through to their anniversary. Likewise we do not give out to Term One students their Tiaras in Term Four as otherwise the Term Four students would like theirs at the end of Term Three and it is not their anniversary.

Tiaras are given out to our Junior Students: Tutus & Tiaras, Ballet - Test 1 to Bronze Star and Jazz - Test 1 to Bronze Star classes.

Please keep in mind that we love to award the Tiaras and Certificates to our beautiful dancers and to keep things clear, concise and fair our stated policy is as above in the second paragraph.

Thank you, Melissa