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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take off my shoes?

Please be aware there are to be NO street shoes inside the Ballet Academy Studio (this also includes Parents please). This is to ensure tiny stones/dirt are not bought into the studio where the students might step on them.

When do I have to pay my invoice?

Invoice are sent four weeks prior to each Term commencing, to the email address provided by the parents. All invoices are payable on the first class of each term. Students who are trialling our two free classes are sent out their invoice once they have confirmed their attendance (after they have finished their two free trial classes). This is then payable within two weeks.

How do I pay my invoice?

At the bottom of each invoice are our bank account details. Cash may be handed to the Tutors at class but please ensure it is in a named envelope with the invoice number prominently displayed.

If my child has Nits when can my child come back to dancing?

Please ensure your child is treated and follows normal preschool and school regulations regarding Nits. Due to the fact we use so many different crowns, tiaras, bunny ears, witch hats etc we ask that you do not bring your child to their dance class until they no longer have Nits. We wish to be careful not to spread this through our dance school.

What do I do with the long laces on the ballet shoes?

Please make sure you have these fitted by a trained Ballet Shoe Fitter. They should be only slightly bigger than the child's foot, do not buy them to grow into. The elastic drawcord should be pulled firm around the child's foot and double knotted. Loosely bring both ties to the front of the ballet shoe and cut the excess off. The elastics are then tucked inside the shoe for dancing.

When does my child receive her Anniversary Tiara & Certificate?

These are a very special part of our Junior students dancing achievements and we are very proud to give them such a beautiful gift.

When a new student arrives they are listed on that Term so on the anniversary of that term they receive their special Tiara and Certificate.

For Example if they start in Term Two 2017, they will receive it on parent watching day in Term Two 2018. If they start in Term Three or Four 2017, they will receive it on parent watching day in Term Four 2018 (as there is no parent watching due to the Annual Show in Term Three). If they start in Term One 2017 they will receive it on parent watching day in Term One 2018.

As students start their tuition with us during different the terms, there will be some students that receive their tiaras in a term and others will receive theirs in an alternate term. We expect Parents to explain to their children that it is the other child's special anniversary and that theirs is to come later. The Ballet Academy feels it is important even at a young age to celebrate other students achievements, this gives a sense of belonging to a team environment.

If a child leaves the school before their anniversary term, we do not give out a Tiara as this would take away from the students who have danced all the way through to their anniversary. Likewise we do not give out to Term One students their Tiaras in Term Four as otherwise the Term Four students would like theirs at the end of Term Three and it is not their anniversary.

Tiaras are given out to our Junior Students: Tutus & Tiaras, Ballet - Test 1 to Bronze Star and Jazz - Test 1 to Bronze Star classes.

Please keep in mind that we love to award the Tiaras and Certificates to our beautiful dancers and to keep things clear, concise and fair.

Why should a young child take dancing?

The study of Ballet/Jazz will teach your child that things do not happen instantly. Hard work, focus and dedication take time to show results. Doing things correctly - over and over again - is more important than doing a difficult movement once. The foundation is vital. If you don't have a solid foundation of technique you will struggle once you get to really dance... the same is true of life.

The foundation for all forms of dance are found in Ballet/Jazz classes. In fact many of the other forms of dance actually assume you can already turn and jump (and do not "teach" these things) they just use them in choreography. It is wise to give children a good foundation, you never know what they might need it for! Think of all the things your child could use dance for in the years to come... even if it's not Classical Ballet or American Jazz!

Coordination and motor skills are vital for so many areas of life. The only way to learn and improve these skills are to use them! In addition you are teaching your child that exercise and physical activity is important. What better habit to begin? - and in such a fun way!

Ballet/Jazz classes teach that a girl can be beautiful AND strong, delicate AND powerful. A wonderful balance, that dance instills.

Dance is also about more than the steps. It's about our positive role models who help children to explore dance with qualified and nurturing teachers.

What should parents look for in a dance studio?

- Is there a structured program with expectations for each level?

- Do the teachers present real dance vocabulary and technical explanations to every level?

In New Zealand there are no "licences" or "qualifications" for someone to open a studio - which has its good and bad sides.

Look for a school that has a structured program with a reputable external Association - offering external Exams, thus ensuring Teacher competency.

Even if you are registering a eighteen month old - look ahead and see what the school inspires in it's students. Artistic and technical lines can be developed at a young age and there are no benefits to "play dance" for years before taking it seriously. An experienced teacher/studio can build serious technique and artistry into FUN pieces of choreography and dance classes.

The worst thing is for a parent to pay for six years of Ballet/Jazz only to realise their child really doesn't know anything (other than a recital dance).

Dress Code and Discipline. Dance is a disciplined study and there are reasons why tights, leotards, dance singlets, dance shoes, hair up in a bun and no street clothes are part of that discipline. Look for a studio that takes it's Ballet/Jazz seriously and you will find a studio where the students' needs (both body and mind) are also taken seriously.