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Monday Week 1

Silver Star

Your inside arm will always start on the barre

Both arms coming down to bras bas when you finish

Use of head:

Devant: Look to the corner

Derriere: Look underneath

Second: Look to the front

1.Warm up

Stretch the leg fully when coming back to first

Weight placement incorrect on supporting leg, transfer onto the ball of the foot because toes were lifting

Slightly too far away from the barre

Lifting core, don’t stick the ribs out

Knees staying far back when you plié

When your foot comes to the back don't bend it, fully straighten it 

Look over front leg, look to the barre, look over supporting leg 


Make sure you turn the head and not just the eyes

Coordination of the arm and leg need to be together

Fourth Grand Plié hips do not twist stay together

Heel needs to go forward in fourth position

I need to see the Demi Plié when coming up from Grand Plié

Left shoulder needs to come back on the other side

Shoulder needs to come back when coming to first

Don’t lift shoulder when you breathe for your preparation

Back hip needs to go forward in fourth position

Front foot moves to come down from the fifth

Smooth out the plies 

3. Battement Tendu and Battement Glisse

Use of head to be used

4.Rond de Jambe a terre and assemble soutenu

Make sure hip does not lift and no twisting

Core staying secure

Pull back with the toe when coming from Devant

Follow the hand when coming down at the end

Ronde jambe on count 1 so need to go a bit faster

Make sure you look to the corner when you extend the leg to start the reverse

4.Rond de Jambe and assemble soutenu 

Make sure hips are facing the front 

When foot extends at the front rotate the foot fully 

Knee comes back in retire positions 

5. Battement Frappe

Knee going back when pulling in

Hold out and in fast for frappe

Articulate the foot for the doubles

Cross your feet in fifth

6. Battement fondu and preparation for Rond de Jambe

Transfer the weight when leg goes to second

Left hip pulling back when you do a tendu on the first side

Slow down on the stretch at the start

Tailbone down

Keep the leg in second slightly in front not behind

Lift up on the side of your core when the leg is out to second

Timing on the left side

7. Echappe Glisse

Too far out from the barre when in retire

Arms in first position when when echappe to the front head to corner

Arms in second when echappe to second head to the front

Arms in first when echappe to the back head to the barre

Don’t be too far away from the barre when you turn to face the barre

Timing, (hold echappe and) 

8. Developpe and attitude

Hold slightly longer when you your leg is extended (use all of the music)

Retire on count one

Don't tuck hips under, tailbone down to ground

Transfer weight to supporting leg in second

Lower with straight legs

Make sure you turn out your back leg when you face the barre to do attitude

Little more artistry in the arms

Arm lowers down to bras bas before you start other side (coordination with arm and leg)

Make sure your second arm is not too high

Arm and leg close together 

9. Grand Battement

Use of head

Toe back

Lift the elbow

Assemble soutenu when you turn around to do other side Bend the supporting leg not on straight legs 

We will just need to go over the exercise, there's a pause right after Devant 

10. Port de Bras

-Starts facing the corner

-Toes going back

-Slowly come in at the end

-Remember to start further back

-Follow the hands

-Look out to the front when arms come in front of you on the first side

11.Battement Tendu

Devant, head looks out

Derriere, head looks out

In second your head looks to the supporting leg when your leg gos back and when it comes forward you look to the working leg

11.Battement tendu 

tendu Devant look over front leg and to the corner 

Tendu derriere look underneath 

When you tendu to second going to the back look over supporting leg when foot comes to the front from second look to the leg 

12. Arabesque

Start in the middle at the back

Walk and walk and walk bras bas

When you walk push the hips forward heel coming forward

Keep your working leg fully turned out when it lifts and lowers

13.Pose and assemble soutenu

Hips to corner and arms to corner

Soutenu face the diagonal, pose facing the corner so leg does go to the back

Chasse with heels on the ground colourful curtains 

I’ll stop the music and then play it for the other side 

Assemble soutenu  arms come up straight away 

Get the leg up faster and hold 

Roll through the foot at the end 

Assemble soutenu is the same as grand battement, step onto a fondu not a pose 

14. Pirouette A

Don’t look at the examiner

Remember almost all of your weight on the front foot 

15. Pirouette B

Arms go to first then open as you do the lunge to third

Shoulder down when arms come to 4th 

16. Pas de bourrée

17. Pas De valse and chaines

Remember introduction arms go to first second third, leg goes from right foot 5th position to second and around

 Arm and leg together when doing the next side 

Heels together when doing chaines

18. Echappe Saute 

More Fifths in echappe Saute squeeze those legs together 

Mcdonalds M 

19.Glissades and Assemble 

Glissade close stronger and quicker, 

More jump in the glissades 

Get to fifth 

Get the feet both pointed at the same time in the glissades 


20.Pas de Basque 

When going to the front leg goes to front then side 

When going to the back leg tendu derriere then to the side 

Close in fifth in derriere 


Push your hips forward when you land 

22.Temps Leve and Grande Jete En Avant 

Opposite arm to leg in Grand Jete 

Arms are in second for the gallop 

Arms first open to second for preparation 


Heel down when she goes to fourth 

Hips square in the fourth position 

Pas de chat fifth position 

Lengthen both arms 

Turn out back leg in 

Front foot in releve fifth

Back heel in all chasse 

Turn out front foot in pas de Basque 

Pas de Basque 

Front foot in sissone 

Close and bend when leg comes in before sissones

Work on glissades 

Sissone make sure your hips face the corner 

Lift up the leg when you land from the last sissone 

Echappes were out of time (very slow) (hold hold AND hold hold AND)

Difference between the first jump and second jump 

Power forwards in the temps Leve and the petit jump you will be able to get in the air for the Grand Jete 

Make sure you go to the corner before the ending part 

Feet from fifth lift up the leg slightly then run 

Ballet Test 3


1.Positions of the feet

T- Hands too close together on barre (as wide as your face)

I- Eyes up, make sure you close to third, heels coming off the ground when you plie make sure you don’t shuffle your feet when you, rise up, after second remember to go to third position, don't have your hands to far around the barre 

Make sure to stretch both knees

When you tendu Devant your heel needs to be in line with your other heel (try not to cross your foot over too much at the front)

Remember to listen to the music and count 

2. Demi Plies

T-Widen second position, Listening to the music as it tells you what to do

I-Widen second position, Listening to the music as it tells you what to do

Heels on the floor when you demi plie

Keep your chin lifted

3.Battement Tendu

T- Back tendu needs to go out slower, hips twisting make sure the face the front, little toe leading back when tendu Devant

I- Back tendu needs to go out slower, little toe leading back when tendu Devant, Ankle bone goes down to the ground at the back

Make sure to stretch knees when coming back to your third position

Going back 2 counts and 2 counts coming in

Head goes to the right (looking over the front foot) when you tendu to the front and when you close to first LEAVE YOUR HEAD, when you tendu to second your head is facing directly to the front, when your leg goes to the back you're looking over the supporting leg

4. Exercise for Demi Pointe

Both Girls:Straight knees when in first

Ankle bone over big toe

Head goes to the right when your right foot goes to demi pointe, then back to the front, head goes to the left when left foot goes to demi pointe 

5. Preparation for Petit Jete

Both Girls: Foot attached to leg every time (ankle bone) Knees need to be pulled back, make sure to never look at your foot and keep your heads up, Tailbone pointing to the ground, rising up make sure you have straight legs, Think about freeze, freeze, freeze and then first

I- Make sure you go to the front first with your foot, Make sure you don’t lift your leg to high, make sure your hips don't go to the back when your leg lifts 

T- Try keep your chin lifted at all times

6. Preparation for Polka

Both Girls: Go to the back of the barre in line with the black things on the barre

Once finished go to the mirror and wait

Lift your arm in second, make sure you’re not dropping the arm

Thumb on top of the Barre

Try to point your foot your feet when you come from fifth before you extend the other leg

Remember to look at the teddy bears when doing this exercise not the examiner 

When you finish the exercise remember to say thank you (in your head) just so we don't rush over to the mirror

I-Try not to be too close to the barre,

T-try not to go to fast, 1,2,3 then swish on count 4, 


7.Port de Bras

They’ll be asked questions about positions of their arms.

No breathe/no preparation

I- Don’t cross your arms in third, Don’t arch your back especially in 5th (no green bananas) don’t take your arms to high when bringing them down, Make sure gateway position is in line with your belly button, make sure knees are beside each other not one behind the other 

T- Make sure to smile and don’t have your arms to close to your ears,

Make sure you don’t hold your hands when your waiting

Make sure you both go through gateway position before you get to your arm position

Make sure your arms are not to high in second position


From second your arm comes down the hill in third and then back up the hill

8. Battement Tendu and Spring Pointes

5,6, breathe, first to Demi bras

Six spring pointes

T- extend arms in Demi bras don’t curve them, Wider demi bras your arms are too close together

I-Make sure knees do not touch when you do spring pointes, Make sure you do the left side aswell

Tendu keeping the leg STRAIGHT do not bend the leg

9.Deportment walking

-Turn towards the pink curtain then turn to face the back and run to the back, then once you get to the back turn towards the barre (finish off the turn) Tippy toe turn

-Make sure you turn to the curtain once you have finished your walking

-From demi bras your arms need to go to bra bras then to first position

-First position when you do a tippy toe turn

-You need to swish through first position

Turn 1,2,3,4 run away 5,6,7,8


-Arms are in bra bras

-Bend on count 8

-Feet need to be pointed in the air

T- Make sure your heels are facing forward in second, Make sure you get all the way to the front not the corner

I- Don't move your arms when your jumping , heels down when you land from the jump, Make sure you go straight to the side not the corner when you sauté jump 


I- You're  further away from the barre, you're in the middle of the red poster

T- You're closest to the barre, you're in the middle of the black poster 

-Make sure you don’t move forward when you do your gallops, go in a straight line keep looking at the posters not the barre

-don’t forget your preparation-arms to first then to demi bras

- We need to see a house position when you plie in second

Hips need to face the front and eyes need to face the front 

More pointed toes in the step

12. Temps lève

-Don't forget to prepare, arms in first to demi bras

-We need to see a balance (HOLD HOLD) say to yourself in your heads hold, hold 

-Your toe needs to be in line with your belly button

-We need to see first position before hop or balance

-Pointe second foot before the swish DO NOT DRAG THE LEG WE NEED TO SEE A POINTE FIRST 

Goldilocks Dance

Tessa- in line with the two posters and out from the barre

Isobel- Away from the barre and make sure you use your right leg first

After you have finished your dance close feet back to first and wait for to say go back to the middle 


Only two curtsy’s and they are very slow

Our thank you

Don’t curtsy too early

Don't come too close to the examiner before you eat 


Beautiful lady: Make sure your hand does not go on your face otherwise you will ruin your makeup 

Handsome Man: Only pull your hand down once and to your crease in your leotard

You and I should dance: Only do the circles with your hands 3 times

Engaged or Married: Make sure your left hand is out 

Death: Both arms come around 

Jazz Bronze Medal


Jump onto the right leg first

Make sure your hands are staying on your hips

Grapevine arms swing down and up make sure there’s a stop otherwise it looks like a star jump

Strong punches on the way out and in

Make sure your toes are like train tracks in second

Grapevine make sure leg goes behind

2.Side and flat back stretch

Flat back goes to the corner not the side

Flat back the back hand goes at the back palm facing up and your making an S

When you go down your hand goes onto your back

Nose on knee please

When you come to the middle pull yourself in tuck the chin so you’re creating a long line at the back

3.Hamstring and hip flexor

4. Leg extension

One hand on top of the other  

3 hips circles around, up, in

Fists in between feet to measure your distance

Point bottom foot

5.Ribcage Isolations

Belly button still, hips still just the ribs moving 

6.Hips Isolation

Make sure knees are slightly bent

Hip to back corner and the around

Robot hips 

7. Single retire turns

Koala with the ankle (ankle bone needs to be attached to the leg 

Grace and Emily Right side and Left

And then Gracie Right side and Left

Speed it up

8.Chasse turns

Remember Preparation

Toes like train tracks

Toes and ankle bones together

Grace remember when you start you point your foot at the front not the side

Spot your head 

Gracie make sure you slide your footling the ground don’t lift it up

Kick combination

Swish on the bottom of the foot 

Karate chop turn 

Warm up jump

hungry hippos 

Pencil jumps straight up

Little spot jump

After tuck jump land with your arms up

Puddle jump 


Retire Jump Turns 

Practice your walk walk hop 

Ballet Bronze Star


B: High demi pointe

G: Missing demi pointe on the way down, make sure to smile 

Fully pointed heel needs to go higher at the start


B. Heels stay on the ground in grand plie

G. Put hands in between barre for the balance with arms in first

Wider second

3 counts down 3 counts up for plies

Lift elbows in bras bra

Take the hands with you for transfer weight

Toe chasse in second 

3.Battement tendu and glisse

B. No floppy elbow, make sure your shoulder doesn’t go forward when you go

G. Make sure you start in 3rd pointe feet fully push the heel

Make sure the hips are staying still 

When you finish lift arms slightly and then down 

4.Demi assemble soutenu

B. No zombie hands, make sure leg goes to second 


Arm comes into first when releve

Bend 7 stretch 8

Smoother when going to the front to the side

5. Assemble

Do not travel try to do assemble in the air

Jump off one foot then land with two feet

Point 1,2 bend 3,4 point 5,6 close 7,8

Toe chasse

Bigger bend

6. Prep for retire positions

B. Lift up when retires


Move the back foot when lowering from fifth

Remember to come to fifth 

Lift the leg up the leg on the leg 

Work on derriere 

Make sure knee is going back 

Chewing gum toe 

Point the second face the leg when you come to second plie face the front and then transfer and look over the other leg 

7.Grand Battement

Make sure you go to third and START IN THIRD 

Stretch back leg in derriere 

Trying to aim higher instead of 45 degrees

From pointe show me the grand battement (Kick the leg)

Make sure your leg derrière is right behind you 

Keep hip over toe in second on supporting leg

9.Port de bras

She will ask you your questions before port de bras

Make sure you know the answer exactly how it is in the book

Try to do your port de bras without any stops

Lift your chins when you are using heads

Look up and out in fifth 

Don't put your arms to close to your body when arms come to bras bra (remember prickles)

Dont rush the breathe at the start

G. Try not to twist ribs

B. Don't be like a robot keep it smooth 

10. Battement tendu

Remember toast in the toaster slice the leg in

Dont point back foot to corner pull it forward in second

No head when going backwards for now

Start with coupes tomorrow

Move your head when the leg moves 

Bring your head back to the front

Lift up your elbows in second 

Working leg needs to be nice and turned out when we close 

Your leg is going to second so your arm is going to second 


Arms are in bras bas when in fifth then open out to demi bras 

Leg comes to coupe when you come down on fondu 

Head is looking over the pointed foot that is coming in 

1,2,3 counts when closing the leg at the end 

Briar make sure to the side you bend both knees 

13. Pas de chaval 

Hips and shoulders facing the front 

First then out for preparation 

Top of the ankle bone and out 

Close on straight legs to third 

Demi toe(chewing gum toe) 

Close up out 

Just the wrist moving (very little)

Both arms at the same level 

14. Poses 

Holding derriere  longer then swish through 

Rainbow ducks Little arm at the end then run 

Briar you run to the barre 

Genevieve you run to the mirror (at the very end)


Preparation first to demi bras 

Arms are crossed over for the turn 

Remember to point to finish the exercise then run


Two times through 


Plie then straighten before you run away 

Briar: Develope through not a swish with the leg, point directly to the corner 

Genevieve: Don't drag foot across the ground in the develope 

16. Changement 

G. Make sure to land in 3rd and hold your arms in bras bas


Up in the air on the count 

Dance enchainment 

The ending has changed 


Walk walk run 


wrong foot in the spring pointes 

Nat Char Bronze Cross

1.Demi plies and heels digs

Pointe your feet when you do your heel dig

Slide hand down skirt to prepare

Thumb is in a fist

Elbow rounded like a rainbow

2. Tendus

In first position

Don't turn around for tendus keep repeating

Pull the heel in

Slide feet along the ground like your painting with your foot don’t lift it

3. Retires

Need to roll through the foot when you come from retire don't stamp

Make sure I see a pointed foot when you lift the heel before you turn to face the other side 

Slide up the front of the leg not the side 

Drawing the front to the back

Step turn on the heel not the toe

Remember to start in third 

We want to hear the tap

Bounce the foot slightly higher 

4.Russian sailor step 

Toes don’t leave the floor when doing sailor step (like you're wearing pointe shoes)

And lift head

5. Prep for dal step

Extra count at end point then close from attitude

45 degrees with leg in attitude

Posture hips lifted and core held 

Make sure you come to first connect the heel not third position 

6.Grand Battement

Remember the turn around

45 degrees

Heel lifts up then pop it down

Slide the foot across the ground 

Step with the pointed toe not slide across the ground (so I want to see second position facing the barre then turn around)

7.Port De bras 

Head goes the the right on the right side and left on left side 

 Drop the apron from the waist down 

9. Prep for turns

Ankle bones together

Jump onto your highest demi pointe

Sharp hands and fingers 

Hands go on the hips in between claps 

10.Spring Pointes hungry hippos

Lift ankle bone as high as you can when you do your spring pointes 

And toes try to touch the ground when doing heels 

11.Slow Russian Promenade 

12. Heel walks 

Heel flicks and you bend on your supporting leg 

Start in the middle at the back

13.Inverted Toe and Heel 

Kick your foot up higher 


 step to the side arm is on heart and comes up, around from the outside in.


Dont do the left side 

Polkas and gallops 

Gallop step swish 

Then forward gallops 

Step heel and bend then stretch your knees 

Character runs 

Kick bottom runs with a pause 

Side gallops, tippy toe runs to other 


Ballet Bronze Medal

Positions of the feet

1.Lift core up no banana backs, don’t look down


3. Dont lean forward when you go to Devant


Heels coming forward

I need to see feet stretched fully 


1.Dont look down, Widen your second

2. Widen your second

3.Tailbone going down to ground


Knees going back

Straight backs when going down in the plié

Lift your chins and keep smiling 

Hands as wide as your face on the barre 

When you tendu don't lift your foot 

3.Battement tendu and battement glisse

1. Make sure you point feet fully at the back

2. Heel going forward turn your leg out to second, make sure arm is out to second 

3. Lift the elbow, don’t drop arms hold them

4. Lift the elbow and long neck, straighten leg when leg comes in,

You need to show demi pointe when pointing

Hips facing forward

Lift arm from second to come down to bras bra

Make sure you go back to first not turned in toes 

4.Preperation for releve

1. Make sure you don't scratch 

2. Lifting up core, it needs to be held, heels stay down when you plie


4.Stretch your knee fully when your foots at the front

All the way up on demi pointe

Releve on two count

Fifth position

Just move the back foot when coming down (turn out both feet still)

5.Prep for jetes

1. Don't look down and don't go too fast 

2.Point feet

3. Dont bring your shoulders forward when dancing stay upright


Point foot when it comes off the floor

Remember where your feet are on the leg

Down swish hold 

6. Grand Battement


2. Don't look at the ground


4. Step onto a straight leg 

Toes leading back from the grand battement

Show the pointed foot first when turning then close

Slide the hand forward on the barre when Turning otherwise we will have banana backs

Everyone needs to hold their arms 

7.Port de Bras

Before Port de Bras she will ask you your questions

Don't forget to breathe before we start 





Listen to the dings

Look into hands, look to corner, look to corner, look to the front ,follow your right hand up when doing the right side and looking to the left when doing the left side and look to the front when arms go down

Missing second after the arm is going to third

Shoulders down elbows forward 

8.Battement tendu

Fast preparation 

1.Go over exercise, don't look down

2. Heel going forward to the front, go over exercise


4. Don't push over onto demi pointe keep your weight off them 

Hold the arms up

Hold your tummies

2 Claps out 2 claps in (1,2   1,2)


9.Prep for coupe

1. Don't lean back and hold that tummy 

2.Turn out front leg before you start, Arms are floppy hold them, make sure you go over arms please 


4. Make sure you pointe your foot at the back

Arms in bras bas for the start 

Arms in demi Bras for the slow ones

Feet should be in third

Look at hand the side that the foot is pointed on

First one is on straight legs 

Flip and lift your hands

Back up when we do demi plie

Look over the foot that’s pointing

Straight knees

Close on straight legs 

Emily and Isla try not to copy each other 

 We need to see half a diamond 

When you go to the back the foot needs to keep sliding along the floor 


This may be line by line so front line would go first 


2. Extend the arms don't bring them in as much, need to go over exercise 


4. Land on the count, plié more 

Arms go to first, second then bras bas 

Roll through your feet when you come down so we can't hear you landing on the floor 

11.Petit jetes 

Emily runs to the curtain and Isla runs to the barre 

Arms 5,6 first Demi bras 


2. The foot that's extended is the one the goes into a petit Jete 



First position with straight legs in the air 

Pointe your toes to get off the ground and land in a plié 

12.Temps leve 


2. Remember the preparation, go over exercise 

3. Need to relax the shoulders  

4. Knee needs to go out when you point (supporting leg)

Need to make sure your pointing your underneath foot 

Point and first point and shhhhh (just to remember the exercise)

13. Gallop and Spring Pointes 

You need to make sure you start further back Isla and Emily do the right side and left side then others do the exercise 

Arms go first then to demi bras, foot goes to the front 

14. Gallops and spring pointes  

Leg closest to the examiner that's in front 

Make sure you stand next to the mirror when waiting for the next side 

Isla and Charlotte go closest to the barre 



1. Not in attitude straight leg and arms tay in demi bras, arms come down as you run Try not to get confused with polka and gallops 

2. Need to hold arms in demi bras 



Make sure your arms go to demi second for the run back to the line 

Use the metatarsals to get off the ground 

Don't go past the examiners desk otherwise you will crash into Miss Paige 

Make sure you pointe left foot on the left side 

Silver medal


1. Both shoulders looking at the barre

2.Make sure ribbons are in


4. Hold your core, push heels right up in rises

5. Point feet fully

6. Point feet fully

Lift all your chins

Transfer the weight

Slide hands along the barre when you go to Demi pointe over the foot

Timing at the start 

Close with straight knees 



2. Widen second

3.Lift elbow

4. Point foot fully

5. Don’t twist upper half when transferring weight


Arm coordination

All hips are staying back push it forward when you turn around

Arm stays in second not to arabesque in fourth when you transfer

Transfer onto the top of the toe to lift it up (roll through the feet, demi pointe and pointe)

No arm in first demi plie

Arm needs to arrive when the heels touch

Dont move hips when they’re closing just the toes leading

3.Battement tendu and Battement glisse

When leg comes to Devant look to the corner

When leg goes to derriere you look underneath

When leg goes to second look to the front


2. Pointe the feet fully, knees going out when you plie


4.Squeeze legs when turning around, remember to use ballet fingers

5.Dont drop the arm


Legs going too far out to the side

Stretch knees

Arm needs to come to first when you pull up to fifth- first bra bras then first

4. Rond de Jambe a terre

Exercise starts in first

Weight on the ball of your foot

Head looking out to the corner



3. Point feet fully, don’t twist your body

4. Dont tilt your body



5.Battement frappe


Don't reverse the exercise

1. Point and a back for frappe


3.Bring it to the the front first, don’t lift the foot to high in the frappe, long neck




6.Assemble soutenu

Breathe for preparation

1. Make sure you close to fifth

2. Don't over twist your leg at the back

3. Don't lean back when releve


5. Shoulder stays down


Turn out the leg in second 

Count 2 is the releve 

7. Devolpe



3. Dont pull off supporting leg




Turn out working leg from the thigh

8.Echappe Glisse


2. Dont over cross your fifth position



5 Dont lean on barre

6. Dont lean on barre

Cross fifths and pull them in evenly

Releve 4 plie and stretch after

Everyone changes feet

Stretch the legs fully

9. Preparation for pirroutte en dehors


2. Roll through feet when coming down


4.Make sure you put your foot in front of the knee for turn position

5. Larger fourth


Stay in the bend 

10. En de don

Please go over this exercise at home (go over your notes)





5. Hands on the tall barre 

11.Grand Battement 

Use of head 

Battement tendu

When leg comes to the front

12.Port de Bras 

Start further back facing croise 

13.Battement Tendu 

When leg comes to second position you're looking over the foot and on the last second keep your head there

14.Pas de valse and poses 

When you coupe heel needs to come forward 

Arms are in bras bas when you turn 

Feet fifth, first, fifth party princess 

15.Glissade and assembles 

Third position for glissade Devant arms then go to second position to bras bas for assemble 

Then bras bas for glissade under, over, under

Work on your closes in the glissade 

And remember the arms 

16.Prep for chaines 

No leg prep 

Emily and Mackenzie 

Helena and Sia 

Hannah and Jess

Pas de chat 

Arms stay in third for pas de chat then bras bas for changement 

Make sure your second knee goes out 

Pas de Basque 

Prepare by carrying your arms to third 

In the pas de Basque arms go to second and then third 


Get the front leg to shoot out to 90 degrees 


1 & 2:

Make sure you know what leg you're starting with (Left foot in front)

down and up to fifth and stand up

and start the pas de chat 

Gone too far back after the arabesque come forward 

the ending is back to the corner they started in

For arabesque chasse point then lift 

Make sure you don't switch sides 

Be more spread out don't dance on top of each other 


Foot for pas de chat 

Arabseque on flat foot 

coupe through and run after 

Other leg and do one more step 

Hold arm in third Helena and knees out in the glissade 

Make sure you don't switch sides 

Cross your foot more in front at the end Sia 


Hannah had wrong foot Other foot before pas de Basque 

Land in bend for glissades 

Other leg for step place at the end 

Lift elbows in demi second 

hold the balance 

back arm at the start don't forget about the second arm in fourth (don't take it behind you, take it on a diagonal)

Up, turn, and 

Too close to each other 

Step up to fifth not releve 

Not going through bras bas to get to fourth (like the same at the start) 

13. Battement Tendu

-Hold your arms in third

Arms go to third then first then third when Detourne

14. Pas de Valse

This will be line by line first line then second, make sure second line is ready to go please

Right foot in fifth then dégagé to second and then behind and arm first to third 

Arm prep Pas de Valse

Arm comes with you

15. Soubresaut and changment

Line by line front line stays where they are


Line by line front line stays where they are

McDonald's M (Cross out and in)

17. Glissades and assembles

Shuffle right across to the barre and then move back (if she asks for it line by line) Then front line will run off when finished 



Jazz Silver Medal


Wide 2nds in jumps

Punch arms out after knee pull ins

Arms and legs in grapevine section

Fast roll arms

Leave legs in 2nd for arm rolls - don’t bring in

Toes on the ground ion bends and arms not too high

Transfer of weight to turn in leg and get hip over toe in ending of the exercise

Arms and legs come in at the same time at the end of the exercise - co ordination

Arm and side stretch

Go to the right side first


Ribcage looking at the front in arm stretches

Keep ribs over the top of hips - not off to one side

Only need to do once on each

Co ordinate arms and leg to come in at the same time at end of exercise

Try to go right back and finish off the circular motion 

Don't pull shoulders forward before you start other side 

Floor Stretch

Keep back as flat as possible - then contract back

Stay in flat back as you extend back leg forwards and keeo nose reaching towards your ankle in that stretch to keep a flat back.

Pointe front toe in hamstring stretch

Place hands on the floor perfectly square to the side wall so that plank is straight

Keep shoulders down in plank and collar bones straight - also keep hips in line and head lifted to make a straight line

Slide back leg through to Z position and front arm lifts up

Back leg swings around to come back to frog facing other corner for the other side

Hold hamstring stretch for 8 counts

Stretch knees in plank position

Slide leg into Z position. Count 5,6 Swing round into frog 7, 8

Make sure to point feet at all times 

I want to be able to see a contraction 

Pointe the feet!!!!!

Head slightly focused in the plank above the finger tips so you are making a straight line 

Side split with leg extension

No arm preparation

Turn out the legs in side split trying to get little toes on the ground & Make sure toes are pointed

On the first side legs swing around the mirror so the Right leg is doing the mount

Bend bottom leg to help with balance

Make sure mount leg is fully stretched especially when arm lets go

Switch legs to stand up so standing up on front leg, and back leg steps out to 2nd with no arms

counts 1-4 is sliding into splits, counts 5-8 you're holding the stretch, counts 1-2 take both legs back, counts 3-4 carry legs around, counts 5-8 lift your your, counts 1-2 maintain hold, counts 3-4 release leg, counts 5-6 lower leg 

Fully stretch the leg in leg extension 

Big bend at the start 

Dont jump into the splits try slide down 


Go for it with en edgy and conviction

Make sure the heel lifts and presses down for each hip circle

Big chest isolations

Scoop down and go through body roll to come back up

Sharp arms in the click and back to hips

Bend the supporting leg slightly 

Remember to keep going until she says stop 

Up down turns

Make sure you turn faster in the singles so you get all the way around and step to the corner not the front

Strong arms and correct tracking, pull elbows in and shoot hands straight upwards

Point foot that is in retire, especially in the turn

Make sure arms are not too high in Jaxx 1st, and don’t lift elbows too much in double

Keep foot attached to knee in turn especially in the double 

At the end make it a step forwards to the corner

Arms are too high bumble bee

Foot needs to be attached to leg

Control the turn

Turn Combination:

Unfold the leg in fourth

Make sure arm goes to fourth in the coupe jump turn 

Core strong no arch in the back otherwise you will fall off your leg 

Fan Kick

Bend before Chasse turn

Releve with the leg coordinate it

Don't put your head down when you turn

Don't lean on the back leg before you start

Strength to kick your legs up colourful lollipops 

Keep your eyes up 

At the start don't lean on the back leg 

Warm up jump:

Arms in third when you jump together

Jogging arms at the start, hold hold no floppy arms

Roll down through the jumps with your feet

Make sure you don't do a full turn at the start 

And spot your head to the back on the first half then the front 

Forward Jete

Hands flat 

Make sure to run on your tippy toes after you have finished 


Practice using a yoga block on the back leg when doing splits 

Hand Jive:

Make sure to move side to side and make them bigger 

Performance face 


Arms stay still when doing walks back 

Take larger steps backwards 

look at your hand when the arm comes up at the side 

Look at the stereo when the leg comes around and in front of you 

Look into your hands so tilting left ear to shoulder when you change 


Don't look at the examiner 

Arms come to first when you step at the start 

Unfold the leg at the start not swish 

Make sure foot is not sickled 

Look up after you have finished the turn 

Right knee is lifted is the tuck 

Grand Jete get the back leg up on the left side 



Pick up your feet at the start before your legs are in second 

Start further to the left 

Strong movements 

Wait a count before you do slide cross at the end 

Dance we will learn on Monday 

Cool down stretch:

Go over at home 


Cardio Warmup:

Step behinds:

First: Punches forward then down

Second: Cross your arms out in front then punch down

Third: Swing your arms

Fourth: Swing arms down and around         

When you jump together your arms swing down and up


Nice energy 

Side Stretch in second:

Try keep counting

Drawing a rainbow when your arms come around

When it says my soul that's when you bring your arms up 

Come up on count 5,6 and pointe your toes and arms come down on 7,8

Thoracic and Lumbar spin strengthening 

Lifting the right arm first (the one closest to the examiner)

Ribcage Isolation:

Remember to step out to second

4 slow ones and 6 fast ones 

Retire turn:

Come down on count 7,8

All your weight is mostly on the front leg

Strong legs and hold your core rainbow unicorns 

Kick combination:

Keep your foot flat onto the ground

Your ankle bone needs to be facing the direction you’re going otherwise your hips come up

Make sure your arms don't go behind your shoulders 

Make sure to bend legs when coming down 

On the right side your foot is behind on the right 

On the left side your left foot is behind 

Keep your arms strong 

Eye-line up 

When she says London Town that's when you start the next side 

Step Hops 

Arms are in first when you gallop 

Then arms are in fourth when you hop

Make sure underneath foot is pointed 

Right foot is in front on the right side 

Left foot is in front on the left side 

Big toe needs to go onto the ground 

Kick ball change with sugars:

Click, back, stamp 

Ruby slow down for the sugars 

Jump with turning grapevine:

Make sure to practice left 

Body pulses:

Go over left side 


Cardio Warmup:

Lainey going wrong way with the knee punches

And punch to the left for the punches

Arms swinging down for the jump kicks

Make sure you go onto the right leg first for leg curls

Make sure you have strong arms for the knee punches 

Make sure knees are lifted and shoulders are down 

Silent running

Pointe toes in the knee lift 

Summah needs to start closer to Lainey 

Lainey needs to know what way to do the rolls first 

Side Flat-back and hip stretch:

Wider seconds at the start

Need to stretch their knees from the demi pointe 

Point the foot when you stretch to second at the start

Flat-back and make sure it’s to the corner and your hips are facing the front

Long arms when your arms come over and you stretch to the side

Arm in front is the one that touches your ankle crazy koalas 

Hands to touch the floor when you reach forward 

Forward split and strengthening:

Need to roll the other way (to the front) before back stretch and then roll to the back

When your legs are up in the air arms in line with your shoulders and keep your legs lifted and ribs lifted to the sky bouncing bananas

And which leg do they stand up on its your front leg

Shoulders when stretching your back

Make sure you start in jazz first and then into ballet on the first and second side 

Straighten back leg in splits 

Hold the back stretch for 4 counts 

Roll to the back with knees up and pointed toes on count 5

Legs go up on count 1


Bend happens on count 2 at the start

No arms on the slow hips

S: Needs to slow down, hands need to be by your side not in front

L: Hands need to be by your side


Arms go opposite to your hips when doing hip isolations (kept the same)

Timing for the rib isolations Summah slow down candy floss 

Single and Double Retire turns:

Make sure you know where you are spotting

Pretend you are a statue when you bring your arms in 



Land with toes together 

Turn Combination:

Head flips on count two

Make sure you turn with smaller steps 

Think about yourself being a spinning top and your torso does not move only your head when it is spotting 

Make sure to finish always don't lift your arms up or flop them around 

Toes together when you do the chaines 

Keep your bottom in pretend there are lava walls in front and behind and if you touch them you will get burnt 

Kick Combination:

Make sure you don't releve backwards think about going up 

Straight legs please and no hunch backs 

Kick your seconds higher 

Flat feet for your kicks at the start 

Toes coming together for the jump kicks 

Warm up jump: 

Arms on your hips for the small jumps 

Arms wave above your head for the larger jumps (one bends one is straighten) 

And jogging arms for the running forward 

Keep arms there for the tuck jumps 

Preparation for forward Jete 

Arms are in first for the step 

Arms are in third for the leap 

Split those legs 

Unfold the leg so knee then kick

Travelling: Need to travel more on the drags 


Spread out fingers 

Drag the foot up 

Travelling ones pointe your toes 


Summah going to the right 

Push back on work 

Clap to the right first 

Chasse  and x3 chaine turns 

Step step into double turn 

Cool down and Stretch:

Bend knees 4 times, turn feet in lower body on count 2 hold 3,4,5,6 roll up 7 turn feet out on 8


Warm up:

Toe needs to stay and push the heel forward at the front

Use of head 


Make sure your shoulders don’t lift

Heels on the ground in plies before you stretch

Pull in the front foot to back at the end

Follow the hand for use of head

Battement tendu:

Fifth positions

Tendu, heel comes forward

Don't go to first in the glisse

More floor pressure: demi pointe then pointe (especially in second)

Use of head:

Devant: Head looks out

Derriere: Head looks under (Don’t look at the ground)

Second: En fais

Don't bring the arm in too fast at the end, softly use all the music

Rond de Jambe

Prep: Arm breathes to demi bras, then arm to first to second with the leg

Lift the leg on count 4

Battement Fondu:

Use all the music at the start (melt)

Make sure you turn on the ball of the foot not heel

Arm bras bas when leg comes in then arm extends to first to second when leg goes out

Olive make sure to turn on your toes not your heel 

Leg straightens at the end and lift it off the ground between 45 degrees and 90 degrees 

Battement frappe:

Lower on straight leg for preparation money monkeys

Olive: Make sure you are beating back when leg goes to the side

Petite Battement:

Upper thigh doesn’t move just the lower leg moving

Bring it back in then extend to second

Petite battement 

Thighs not moving 

Arm goes to second then to bras bas throughout the exercise 

 pointe the foot to second then lift 


Breathe for prep

Arms go first second for leg in Devant

Second arabesque for leg going derriere when you point

Arm goes to second for derriere when the leg is lifted

Arm goes bras bas to fourth when leg points at the front

Arm in fourth when leg is in attitude derriere chocolate and bananas 


Arm in first when leg is Devant 

arm in second when leg is derriere 

Grand Battement

Port de bras 

Olive make sure your facing towards her more otherwise your foot will be turned in

From crossed fourth your arms come to first then when leg opens out to second your arms go to second then switch to fourth when leg comes in front 

Focus on your legs (what can she see) 

Battement tendu 

Looking out when foot is Devant 

head is tilted when leg is derriere 


Arm in fourth is the same as the working leg 

Shoulder blades right down into your back 

Knee lifted 

Hold arms in second 

Lift the elbows 


Retire on count one 

Left arm comes up in fourth 


En Dehors:

Make sure you know what leg to lift up 

Leg goes in front 

Don't land so loudly make sure to roll through feet 

En dedans

Dont wind up 

arms at the start (first to fourth)

Straight back knee in the lunge 

Pas de bourree heel turns to the front when you pop it down 

Don't worry about the coupe at the end 

Pose coupe

Isabella make sure the foot is behind in these pirouettes 

Pointe your foot in the Rond de Jambe 

Pas de bourre: 

Strong legs 

Remember the exercise 

Ending with the right foot front 

Hold the arms in demi second then demi plie arms come down to bras bas 


Walks are on bent legs 

I need to see a fondu before pose and temps leve 

Arms need to go to a position 

Pose is on demi pointe step 

Petite allegro: 



Dance enchainment 

First part right up to the pas de chat is on a diagonal 

Jazz Silver Star


Hands in arms circles

Maddix make sure you cross your leg over at the start

Leg extension with kicks:

Make sure leg stays bent when you’re doing your spine stretch 

Remember to go to do the spine stretch before your leg extension 

Maddix make sure you move forward before you sit down 

Pull knee in on counts 1-2, straighten left knee on counts 3-4, hold ankle lift leg and straighten on counts 5-8 , hold for counts 1-4 then lower leg on on counts 5-6 and pull knees up 7-8

Forward split:

Starts in second 

Katie don't sink into your back for the back stretch 

Arms go to jazz 5th when you go down and come up 

Lift knee on counts 1-2, straighten left leg on counts 3-4, hold ankle pull leg up and straighten on counts 


3 body rolls 

Click and stay with legs in second 

and then bring foot in for the peace shimmy 

Left hand for the peace sign on the left side 

Arms go up around down (train arms) finish behind you 

Turn combination: 

Make sure you run nicely 

Dont do a fast pas de bourré (hold it and take your time)

Arms are by your side at the end 

Don't look at the examiner 

Slice hands up at the start 

Pose turns:

Maddix make sure you start on count 1,2 and keep counting 

Preparation foot needs to be at the front 

Arms need to go to first 

Lift the leg up at the back 

Reverse Fan kicks:

Right leg in fourth at the end

Sharp arms 

Kick combination:

arms to fifth for layout and then they come down

Make sure to get to releve in attitude 

Point the toes 

Remember preparation 

Side Jete:

Arms in jazz first for the step across 

arms in second for side jumps